Traffic Light
Countdown Timer
Magically Jumps
From 12 to 3
In The Blink of an Eye
Then Mysteriously
Multiple Traffic Enforcers
Instantaneously Appear
To Flag Down
Innocent Motorist

Magic Stoplight Near
Chinese General Hospital
In Manila

Disco Stoplight

Almost Died Due To Checkpoint
Checkpoint Headed By
Purok Leader Of Quezon City
Refuse To Allow Vehicle
With Medical Oxygen Tank To Pass
Even With Necessary Permit.
Patient Who Needs It Almost Died
Due To a 1 Hour Long Stand-off
After A Heated Shouting Match

Police Tried To Arrest Foreigner
Inside A Private Property
In Dasmariñas Village Makati
Scuffle Ensued

Philippines Quarantine Extention
Enhance Community Quarantine Extended

OFWs Sent To
Dirty Quarantine Hotel
Dead Cockroach In Hotel Room
Wings Scattered on the floor
Dirty Water From Faucet
Dirty Comfort Room
OFW Threatened
With Cellphone Confiscation
Prohibited From
Posting On Social Media or
Grant Media Interviews

Quarantine Violators
Punishment Worldwide

US Investigate Virus Origin
Possibility Started In A Chinese Lab
Poor Handling or Lab Accident

China Concealed Extent of Virus Outbreak
According to U.S. Intelligence
China Allegedly Under-Report
Death Toll and Total Cases

Trump Wants To Name Pandemic
China and W.H.O. Opposes Trump
WHO's China Special Treatment Questioned

China Wuhan Virus Epicenter
China's 1.3 Billion population
Travel Restrictions and Quarantine Measures

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